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Orlando Sentinel Video Celebrates Gatorland Restoration Project

Click here to watch Peter Pettegrew talk about the Gatorland project.

Peter Pettegrew’s art consulting expertise is tested at the famous “Old Floridatourist attraction Gatorland. Be sure to watch the video to see Peter talking about the project.

Working alone in swamps isn’t unusual for Peter Pettegrew. But Gatorland, his current south Orange County location, is hardly the typical studio for the renowned landscape artist.

Traffic from Orange Blossom Trail whizzes behind him. Noisy construction crews hammer around him, rebuilding the entrance to one of Central Florida’s oldest attractions.

“It’s been an interesting project. Every morning we walk through [Gatorland] and look at all the nesting birds,” said Pettegrew, who makes landscapes on canvas — not huge walls — his life’s work. One of his paintings has fetched as much as $35,000 at auction, and his work is in museums, corporate offices and the private collections of former Vice President Dan Quayle and actor John Travolta.

Pettegrew, 44, and fellow artists Rita Canan and Alison Horne, owners of Orlando firm Muralistically Inclined, are finishing a weeks-long project that includes four 21-foot-tall murals on the outside of Gatorland’s new retail building.

–From the Orlando Sentinel

Read the whole story *here*.

The Gatorland, Florida Project Continues–

This is from my agency, Seven North:

Florida landscape artist Peter Pettegrew has been hired to consult at historic Gatorland, one the first of the classic tourist attractions of old Florida and the last one still operating as a private business. It is conveniently close to Peter’s home base in Orlando, Florida.
The muralist art directors at Gatorland hired Mr. Pettegrew to consult on a major (and by major, we mean physically huge) section of the project.
Pettegrew was retained on the basis of his vast knowledge of the painted Florida landscape and his 20-odd years of roaming the Kissimmee River Basin, the Everglades and the St Johns River Basin.
Distilling his many experiences combining plein air painting and Dixie crocodilians, Peter says, “Gators love it it when people are just standing around– like someone painting a landscape.”

Love me some ‘gators!

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