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Painting at the Island

It was River Awarness Day at Wekiva Island www.wekivaisland with a river clean up organized early in the day and festivities at the Island after that. Peter met up with fellow artist Karen Harrod for an afternoon of painting as the participants strolled past so they could promote the Wekiva Paint Out coming up in early 2012.

Canine Companions for Independence

Peter was recently asked to produce a painting to help raise money for this years Canine Companions for Indpendence’s fundraising auction in Orlando, Florida To incorporate a dog into his signature landscape, Peter came up with the concept of illustrating the way that dogs and humans first came together thousands of years ago. The image depicts a wolf approaching a group of early humans as they roast meat for their evening meal. The scene was meant to suggest the first timid visits by forest wolves, which later became man’s fundamental companions.

Painting Demonstration

Joining members of the Audubon Society at the recent Wekiva Island painting demonstration were several artists and art enthusiasts from the surrounding area. Several interesting bird sightings occured during the event as well as a visit from a residient deer. – Photos Nancy Keating

Plein Air on the Wekiva

Taking inspiration directly from nature, Peter was recently working from the deck of a boat deep within the Wekiva River basin. Each year, the Wekiva Isand hosts the eventful Wekiva Paint Out where about thirty artist gather together for a week of painting to benifit the Wekiva Wilderness Trust and other conservation groups such as Friends of the Wekiva.

Audubon Field Trip

On Friday, October 14th at 9:30am Peter will be doing a painting demonstration for the Central Florida Audubon Society field trip  based on his “Nature inspired Art”. The event will be held at the Wekiva Island and all are welcome to attend. The Island has canoe rentals as well as riverside seating in a relaxed atmosphere and is home to the annual Wekiva Paintout, which Peter has participated in since it’s first year.

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