Peter Pettegrew has devoted his life to capturing the timeless beauty of the natural landscape on canvas. As a youth, his world was centered in Monterey Bay, California, and it was here that his compelling encounters with the ocean inspired sketches. As early as four years of age, his aunt, who was a painter, recognized his talent and insisted that he only be given blank paper; no coloring books. Childhood sketches symbolized the sights and sensations of ocean landscapes, and soon more serious efforts resulted as he turned to painting. By ten years of age, the artist was already studying with one of the older marine painters in the Bay Area.

His formal art education began when he applied and qualified for admission to Harbor Senior High in Santa Cruz, California, a prestigious and progressive school dedicated to advancing the development of artistic skills and creative freedom. After moving to Florida, Pettegrew went on to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where he studied painting as well as graphic art techniques that he now employs in his work with hand-pulled serigraphs, stone lithographs, and originals. After his formal education, he furthered his schooling in individual mediums through private artist workshops, including oil painting, watercolor techniques and charcoal drawing. Finding his inspiration through detailed research of the Master Impressionists and plein air painters of the 19th Century, this work revealed the undeniable course for his life.



Museum Collections
Museum of the Everglades
The Museum of Natural History at Naples
Museum One Man Exhibitions
Museum of the Everglades, Everglades, FL
Jan 28 – Mar 24, 2001
Museum of Natural History at Naples, FL
Jan 7 – Jan 31, 2002
Museum Group Exhibitions
Pensacola Museum of Art, Pensacola, FL – 1999
Museum of Natural History, Naples, FL – 2000
Cummer Museum, Jacksonville, FL – 2000
Tampa Museum, Tampa, FL – 2000
Orlando Museum, Orlando, FL – 2001
Highest Auctioned Painting
Naples Beach, Oil on Canvas, 30” x 24” – $35,000 – 2002
Corporate Collections
Computer Power Inc. – Jacksonville, FL -1986
Edward T. Byrd Co. – Orlando, FL
Florida Steel – Tampa, FL -1985
Hogan Group – Tampa, FL – 1984
Holland & Knight – L.L.P., St. Petersburg, FL – 1996
Larson Juhl – Norcross, GA – 1993
PCSU – St. Petersburg, FL
Pilmanacyclics Company – CA – 1987
The Articulation Group – Tampa, FL- 1994
TECO, People’s Natural Gas Company – Tampa, FL – 1997
The Stuart News – Stuart, FL – 1998
The West Company – Lionville, PA – 1985
Tru-Vue Company – Chicago, IL – 1995
First Union, Naples, FL – 1996
First Union, Coral Gables, FL – 2001
Private Collections
Kelly Craig – Newscaster
Dan Quayle – Former Vice President of the United States
John Rigsby – President, Time Warner
John Travolta – Actor
Greg Block – Art Dealer, Collector
Bob Hite-WFLA Anchorman NBC
Municipal Collections & Fundraising Events/ Projects
Chamber of Commerce – Orlando, FL – 1991
City Hall of Orlando – Orlando, FL – 1991
Mayor’s Beautification Program, City of Tampa – Tampa, FL
Artist in Residence, Naples Winter Wine Festival for the Children’s Educational Foundation – Naples, FL 2002
Voted number one painter in 2001 by Florida Magazine
National Parks Foundation – 1998
Beaufort Open Land Trust – 1998
Conservancy of Southwest Florida – 2000, 2001, 2002, & 2005
Sierra Club Fundraiser – 2002
City of St. Petersburg, New City Hall – 2002
Princess Martha Hotel-2003
Conservancy of SW Florida- 2005
City of Apopka, FL City Hall 2007
Memberships & Contributions
American Society of Classical Realists Audubon Society
Beaufort Open Land Trust
Conservancy of Southwest Florida
National Parks Foundation Nature Conservancy
National Watercolor Society (N.W.S.)
Oil Painters of America (O.P.A.)
Wildlife Federations
Sierra Club
Wekiva Springs Invitational State Park
Habitat For Humanity
Alachua County Land Trust


Peter Pettegrew Donates Painting To Benefit The Carter Center


Renowned Central Florida artist Peter Pettegrew donated his painting “Kissimmee River Basin” to benefit the Carter Center, which sold at the 2008 Winter Weekend Auction held in Port St Lucie, Florida. A very good price was made, and former President Jimmy Carter is pictured here with the painting.
In total, the auction gathered more than one million dollars for The Carter Center, which is committed to advancing human rights and alleviating unnecessary human suffering.


Pettegrew at the Cummer Museum


Everyone was smiling on the night of the annual Cummer Museum auction in Jacksonville, Florida. The black tie affair boasted it’s largest crowd to date. Pettegrew’s oil painting on canvas titled “Evening Marsh,” was fiercely bid and brought top dollars to benefit the museum.


Peter Pettegrew

Heart of a Landscape Painter


Whether painting the Eastern United States, California, Montana, France
or the Bahamian Islands, Pettegrew is devoted to the landscape. His work breathes with the land and the sky and the water and the wind.

“One of the most fascinating aspects about being an artist for me is the ability to go out with fourteen tubes of paint and a canvas and return home with the scene your were just sitting in front of. The clouds that you just watched disappear over the horizon are still there with you.”


One Man Show at the Museum of the Everglades

Pettegrew’s original paintings and prints filled the walls of the Museum of the Everglades, in Everglades City, Florida. The show called “A Risen Day Collection” after his latest giclee, attracted a large crowd for the opening on the Sunday of January 28, 2001.


A Risen Day


New Frontiers Exhibition Featuring Peter Pettegrew

Orlando Museum Of Art

Artist Peter Pettegrew was chosen out of 1200 entries to become one of the 11 featured artists in the show entitled “New Frontiers.”



Pictured from left, Jim Cournoyer, artist agent Leah Pettegrew, artist daughter, and Peter Pettegrew, artist.


Pettegrew dazzles with “Daybreak On The Glade”


Pettegrew at the Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art hosted the annual Silverspoons and Sandcastles fundraiser, which is Tampa Mayor Dick Greco’s favorite event of the year. The gala event featured an orchestra, a jazz band, and a Caribbean steel drum band, in different areas of the museum. Mr Pettegrew was positioned in the middle as the city’s favorite son, signing posters and speaking with patrons. His ever-ebullient personality delighted over one thousand of the Mayor’s Beautification Program on the night of the annual silent auction.
The City of Tampa, Florida selected Pettegrew as the artist to create a painting of the Hillsborough River to be made into a poster for the Mayor’s Beautification Program. Pettegrew assists yet another environmental mission throough the sales of this poster, river bend at Sulphur Springs, The painting was envisioned and begun on the Hillsborough River which meanders through Tampa, Florida. Pettegrew spent several days traveling on the river to select this scene. Taking canvas and paint on a small boat, he started painting one early morning, and completed the painting in his studio. It depicts the lovely old tower of Sulphur Springs, a historical landmark and a once popular vacation spot in the early 1900’s. Pettegrew’s timeless and serene landscape contrasts the burgeoning city just beyond the next bend. The Mayor’s Beautification Program is focusing on this historical area for renovations and improvements.


The MBP, founded in 1989 as a nonprofit organization is on a mission to improve Tampa’s environment, civic pride, and economy by organizing and conducting plantings on public land through the creation and implementation of public/private partnerships. Pairing the resources, experience e and knowledge of the public, and private entities with the labor, enthusiasm, and support of volunteers, the MBP ensures the most effective use of dollars that have been earmarked for the greening of public spaces through year-round planting initiatives. The program extends it’s partnership to low income, culturally diverse youth through it’s “STEPS to Environmental Partnerships,” providing on-the-job training, income, educational guidance scholarships, and mentoring to Tampa’s at-risk youth by involving them in the environmental care of the city. Working with organizations like Jimmy Carter’s Habitat for Humanity in Tampa, MBP supplies trees and guidance to plant and maintain them outside of new homes built by the Habitat for Humanity.


Pettegrew at the Tampa Museum

With Mayor Dick Greco

Mayor Dick Greco was the guest of honor opening night for a fund raiser to
unveil a new painting by Peter Pettegrew. The unlimited rights to
reproduction of the painting, “River Bend at Sulphur Springs on the Hillsborough
River” were donated by Peter to the City of Tampa. Deborah Faulk, director
of the Mayor’s Beautification Program, spoke about the painting and the poster
to be reproduced from the original. The poster heralds the re-opening of
Sulphur Springs, the grand old spring in North Tampa.

Tampa Mayor Dick Greco lends a hand to unveil the Peter Pettigrew landscape of which donated reproduction rights for the City of Tampa will translate into beautiful posters advertising the re-opening of Sulphur Springs in North Tampa. Once a tourist mecca, the “River Bend at Sulphur Springs on the Hillsborough River”, may recreate the lure the old spring once had.


Naples Winter Wine Festival Raises 3.4 Million For Charity


The Naples Winter Wine Festival is the second largest wine festival in the United States. Sonoma Valley is the largest.

February 3, 2002- Sotheby’s auctioneer Ann Colgin was “on the money” to keep the bidding hopping as Peter Pettegrew’s “Naples Beach”, donated by the artist, was auctioned for $35,000. Colgin’s talents as an accomplished wine auctioneer, wine consultant and vineyard owner (Colgin Cellars) have made her one the most respected wine professionals working today. This beautiful painting, “Naples Beach”, was also used on the limited edition etched wine bottles. Prints are available in a limited edition of 99 prints on canvas with 20 proofs that are hand-painted by the artist. Half of the proceeds of all prints go to the Children’s Educational Foundation of Collier County.


Ann Colgin, Sotheby’s auctioneer and Peter Pettegrew, Artist In Residence, for the Naples Winter Wine Festival share some wine and a smile after Peters’ painting went for $35,000.


Peter and his friend and agent, James Cournoyer of Seven North, Inc.


City of Charleston Hosts Peter Pettegrew

New City Gallery


The “New City Gallery” in Charleston for touring artists selects Pettegrew for their first major show. The beautiful two-story museum-like gallery in Charleston’s Waterfront Park was just completed under the city’s redevelopment plan.





Pettegrew and Jack Hanna team up with some wildlife for the environment. Peter brought his plein air paintings and Jack brought his animals to the Southeastern Wildlife Show in Charleston, S.C. Its programs underscore the need for educating ourselves and our children about the importance of wildlife and our natural resources. Through art exhibits, lectures, school programs, scholarships and financial support the exposition increases awareness of the natural gift which we often take for granted. The expo presents a forum which brings this home, with the hope that one day these issues will be as commonly taught as is the alphabet. The participants believe we are never too old or to young to learn to care for the planet and all its inhabitants.




Doubilet—Pettegrew continue to support environmental causes that make a difference.


Signature event for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida rose over $100,000 for permanent land acquisition.

David Doubilet—National Geographic photographer-in-residence for over thirty years. Mr. Doubilet is considered by most to be the worlds greatest underwater photographer.
Peter Pettegrew—Modern master of the landscape. For over twenty years Pettegrew has been painting the less-traveled corners of North America, Europe and the Caribbean. His experience, skill and passion as a painter have earned him praise at museums and galleries across the U.S.
The day of the event Pettegrew and Doubilet 4-wheeled deep into the Everglades along with biologists and members of the Conservancy Field Laboratory for a day of sketching, photography and exploring for wild orchids, ‘gators and the “perfect scene”.
Visit and for further information and other events..




Artist Peter Pettegrew and columnist Carl Hiaasen are honored for their
contributions to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.
Universally recognized as a “modern master of landscape”, Pettegrew’s unique eye for capturing Florida and Southeast landscapes delighted the patrons at the
Conservancy Anniversary Event.


The Silent Auction fundraiser realized $10,000 from Peter’s large painting
entitled “Gulf Shore Evening”.

Carl Hiaasen teamed with Pettegrew to support the Conservancy’s efforts by being the keynote speaker at the event. Hiaasen is as much a part of the South
Florida landscape as the palm trees and pelicans; For the past 30 years,
he has been associated with the Miami Herald first as an investigative reporter
and now columnist and was recently a guest on 60 Minutes. Also, he is a
best selling author who uses humor as his weapon to precisely convey how Florida has been transformed from a largely uninhabited swamp to the fourth-largest state in the union. He captivated his audience with his keen sense of humor while, at the same time, noting how Florida developers pave over 450 acres of green space a day! His passion and convictions were an added highlight to the fundraising event.

Other notables added to the festive atmosphere of the Conservancy Anniversary
Celebration. Peter Benchley, author of Jaws, spoke on the topic “Vanishing Giants
of the Sea”. And Clyde Butcher, recognized as one of the best Florida
landscape photographers, also attended.


The 40th Anniversary Signature Event raised over $300,000, and the Conservancy
has acquired over 300,000 acres of the Everglades for preservation. The
dignitaries have much to be proud of; their efforts were very successful.

Pettegrew has said that he is always anxious to be a part of this worthwhile
effort of preserving Florida’s landscape. He has been involved in the
Conservancy’s efforts for almost 10 years. It is extremely important to this
“modern master of landscape” and critical for future generations.





Photo attached: left to right, Peter Pettegrew, Artist, with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hite, Anchorman for NBC affiliate in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Nationally recognized artist Peter Pettegrew donated two original framed oil paintings on canvas at the annual award ceremony and auction to benefit the Sierra Club, Many city and county celebrities were there a the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. Local NBC affiliate news anchorman Bob Hite was the master of ceremonies and he was the high bidder for ‘Shadow Run” oil on canvas. Pettegrew is represented exclusively by Seven North Fine Art, of St. Petersburg, Florida. Jim Cournoyer, owner of Seven North, and Pettegrew are both members of the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club is America’s oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization, devoted to protecting nature in our communities and our planet.

Conservation of natural lands is dear to Pettegrew’s heart. His beautiful paintings and prints are drawn from his treks into the wilderness. Pettegrew immerses himself for days into places like the Everglades hiking, and camping; traveling with canvas and sketch pad. This consuming environment has a profound influence on his work and his life. Pettegrew feels painting plein air gives birth to the spirit of his landscapes. “Being on location is like performing live, with the wilderness as my audience I’m totally in the moment.”

Pettegrew and Cournoyer have been involved in numerous projects to help protect our environment. For years Pettegrew and Seven North have created poster editions to contribute funding to the National Parks Foundation for the preservation of natural lands, and to help support the Nature Conservancy of Southwest Florida which raises monies to purchase large parcels of the western everglades. Pettegrews painting “River Bend At Sulphur Springs of the Hillsborough River,” was commissioned by Mayor Dick Greco to represent Tampa, for it’s Mayor’s Beautification Program. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving Tampa’s environment, on it’s own and through partnerships with others. The MBP provides plants and trees to organizations like Jimmy Carter’s Habitat for Humanity; in hopes of keeping nature a part of our habitat.


River of Grass Exhibit

Pettegrew Donates an Original

Peter Pettegrew donated an original charcoal to “The Conservancy of Southwest Florida” to use as a fund raiser. The Conservancy is celebrating their new exhibit.


Pictured from l/r is Pettegrew’s agent, Jim Cournoyer, gallery director, Frank Russen, Conservancy director, Rob Moher, and artist, Peter Pettegrew.




Peter Pettegrew is honored as the featured artist and special guest for the 40th Anniversary of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. Other special honorees for this milestone anniversary are Peter Benchely, author of “Jaws” and Carl Hiaasen, author of “Skinny Dip”, who also care deeply about our unique American National Park, The Everglades.

This not-for-profit organization had a grass-roots beginning in 1964 and is now a leader in the biological research and environmental monitoring of Southwest Florida by providing a critical role in protecting and preserving the area’s natural resources. It helps to shape area land use and environmental preservation to protect the wetlands, wildlife and water supply. Additionally, education is a main focus offering programs for adults and children on how to protect and care for the environment. One of its most critical accomplishments has been purchasing and persevering of over 300,000 acres in the Everglades. Web page

Jim Cournoyer, Pettegrew’s agent, shared that “in the past 25 years, we have been honored by doing posters for the Sierra Club, National Park Foundation, Clearwater Jazz Event, The Environmental Legal Defense Fund, Sunken Gardens Botanical site and others”. But, this will be Pettegrew’s first poster in six years, as he believes that a poster should advertise and support something important like charities or environmental issues. This year alone, Pettegrew and Cournoyer have raised over $14,000 for the Conservancy.

They both consider these efforts extremely important in helping with the protection of our fragile environment, believing that everyone has to contribute to the effort of saving our most precious natural resources. Pettegrew has been involved with the Conservancy for the past eight years and pledges to continue his support by lending his name and art to promote, protect and preserve the environment that he loves.


Poster size is 24 X 30, images measures 15 X 18 and priced at $20.00.


Pettegrew and Royo


Artist Peter Pettegrew and Artist Royo team up for a fundraising event. They are pictured with Royo’s agent Greg Block.




Peter Pettegrew and Leonard Wren enjoyed an afternoon of painting in one of Naples beautiful courtyards. After painting the two artists joined forces to raise money for a local charity. This was an event to promote the opening of a new Naples location. The two artists are admirers of each others work and felt privileged to work along side of each other as they painted. Pettegrew is a long time collector of Leonard’s work and was wondering when Leonard would be a collector of his. Both artists had a great time together seeing the sights of Naples and comparing notes on painting.


Pettegrew at Bonita Bay Club





Landscape artist Peter Pettegrew indulged his love for
printmaking working with internationally renowned lithographer, Wayne Kline of
Rolling Stone Press, in Atlanta, Georgia to create a suite of four original
Stone lithographs. The inspiration for these captivating images came from
Pettegrew’s working drawings for his original paintings. Many of Pettegrew’s
collectors expressed interest in obtaining these charcoals. Lithography was the
natural choice for capturing the depth, texture, and richness of the art.

Pettegrew sat before a massive piece of Bavarian limestone, and with careful
precision, drew with a grease pencil. Mr. Kline inked the image and together
thet hand pulled each color trail proof (C.T.P.). When the image met with
Pettegrew’s expectations, he signed the first artist proof. The resulting
collection is lush in variation of value tones and texture.

The suite of four Stone lithographs is available in black or brown ink, and on
white or buff arches. The total edition size is one hundred and sixty five.


Creation of an Original Print



Hand-separated by the artist Peter Pettegrew and master printmaker G. Lichtenstein. Collaboration between artist and printmaker to create a true original print.


Pettegrew Creates Art For Elisabeth Robards’ Latest Novel: “With Violets”.


Artist Peter Pettegrew was commissioned to create a painting for Robard’s novel based on French Impressionist painters Berthe Morisot and Eduard Manet.
Morisot was in the middle of the one of the most controversial movements in art history and in love with a revolutionary, a rebel and a married man: Eduard Manet. A woman ahead of her time, she immersed herself in the only love that could measure up to Manet—the avante-garde Impressionist movement.
Award-winning author Elizabeth Robards formerly lived in France where she studied art and writing. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida, where she fell in love with and began collecting Peter Pettegrew’s work. She asked Peter to read her new novel and execute a painting of his choice for the cover. Ms. Robards loved the final work which now graces her personal collection as well as the cover of the book.
Robards acknowledges: Deepest appreciation to Peter Pettegrew, a modern-day Impressionist master. Pete, thanks for painting the gorgeous landscape on the cover of the book, for sharing your vast knowledge of the painting process, and for the long-term loan of your Impressionist library.
Published by Five Star, Waterville, Maine. Available in all major bookstores.
See Artist Magazine Feb 2005 Manet/Robards