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Gallery Opening in Tampa

Peter will make a special appearance at the Nuance Gallery in Tampa on April 28th which will be showcasing a retrospect of his past work as well as his most recent origianals.

Can you paint chrome?

As the Wekiva Paintout was wrapping up this year, Peter recieved an unusual request from the bar manager of Wekiva Island. He wondered if a landscape artist could paint chrome. More of a challenge than anything, Peter took on the project. What resulted is a beautifully rendered “portrait” of Brent’s Harley within the setting of the Wekiva Island property. SOLD

Painting at the Island

The Wekiva Paintout was more fun than ever this year, with an excellent lineup of incredible artists all painting on location together for the entire week. Pictured is Peter finishing up a small plein air painting during a quiet moment at the Wekiva Island bar. Thanks to Bill and Marysue Weinaug for continuing the event and carrying on what has now become a local tradition.

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