Dog Island Reprise

                             12″x16″ Original Oil on Linen

Morning Flight

36″x48″ Original Oil on Canvas

Detail of “Morning Flight”

“View to Dog Island”

                                 12″x24″ Original

“Enchanted Evening”

                         Knowles Memorial Chapel at Rolling College.

View to Rollins 24″x36″


Beach Walk

A new oil on canvas by Peter depicting a beautiful sunlit stroll on the beach.Beach Walk Web

Crescent Lake

The final of three commission works completed this past summer by Peter. “Crescent Lake” is a large, oil on canvas depicting the view of a private lakeside getaway which his collectors enjoy escaping to periodically. Quintessential old Florida and remote, it’s a beautiful place unaffected by the growth which most of the state is experiencing. SOLDCrescent Lake

Florida Keys Vista

“Florida Keys Vista” is a recent commission painted for a client who keeps a vacation home in the Keys and wanted to have a view of the region at their primary residence. It is a 48″x60″ oil on canvas with a beautiful atmospheric quality. SOLDKeys

View from Mystic Mountian

A recent commission by Peter. The client’s vision of a mountain vista, overlooking a distant river with atmospheric clouds and a white bird drifting through the air was carefully painted by Peter into a moving, spiritual image. SOLDWebsite

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