Deep View ~ Florida

The most recent painting to come out of  the studio is a 24×36 oil/canvas titled “Deep View Florida” which is now available. Please contact the Studio for more information. Commissions always welcome! SOLD

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  • I am putting together a presentation on Endangered Species, Natural Disasters, and Landscapes of the South for a group of gifted children who will be part of Saturday School in Asheville, NC this spring. I have also applied for a Fulbright Roving Scholar to Norway for the ’12-’13 school year to talk to young adolescents about “the south”. I would love to use your “Deep View Florida”, and the painting by you and Mr. VonGenk to illustrate landscapes of Florida and your passions for art. I would also like to use the picture of the woodpecker for the endangered species lecture. Nothing would be sold but I would give credit to you and Mr. VonGenk on the presentation.

  • pettegrew says:

    I don’t see any issue with you’re using the images from the site as long as they were not used commercially. The woodpecker shot is one that someone else too, and I give credit to her on the website as well. She is not a professional photographer, and I don’t see any issue with you’re using it for your presentation. Best of luck with your projects!

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