Detail of “Morning Flight”

“View to Dog Island”

                                 12″x24″ Original

“Enchanted Evening”

                         Knowles Memorial Chapel at Rolling College.

View to Rollins 24″x36″


Beach Walk

A new oil on canvas by Peter depicting a beautiful sunlit stroll on the beach.Beach Walk Web

Crescent Lake

The final of three commission works completed this past summer by Peter. “Crescent Lake” is a large, oil on canvas depicting the view of a private lakeside getaway which his collectors enjoy escaping to periodically. Quintessential old Florida and remote, it’s a beautiful place unaffected by the growth which most of the state is experiencing. SOLDCrescent Lake

Florida Keys Vista

“Florida Keys Vista” is a recent commission painted for a client who keeps a vacation home in the Keys and wanted to have a view of the region at their primary residence. It is a 48″x60″ oil on canvas with a beautiful atmospheric quality. SOLDKeys

View from Mystic Mountian

A recent commission by Peter. The client’s vision of a mountain vista, overlooking a distant river with atmospheric clouds and a white bird drifting through the air was carefully painted by Peter into a moving, spiritual image. SOLDWebsite

“Into the Light”

The most recent effort to spring forward into the new year, “Into the Light” is a 36×36 original painting inspired by the coastal beauty of central Florida. SOLDInto the Light

Quiet River

Peter’s latest painting “Quiet River” is a 48″x60″ original oil on canvas which captures the unique beauty of the Florida wilderness at sunset. This painting is currently available. Please contact the studio for further details. 407-694-6355Quiet River

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